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What is Crop Monitor Program?

Our Crop Monitor Program (CMP) is a service offered to our customers through Nutrien Ag Solutions. CMP is the collection of soil and plant samples at key growth stages or regular intervals. Years of plant analysis data were used to establish preferred N, P and K levels for maximizing crop production. Optimum levels for secondary and micro-nutrients are shown on the report as well.

How does it work?

Collected plant samples are analyzed for various nutrients. Nutrient levels are plotted on a graph throughout the growing season. Threshold lines indicate optimal nutrient levels for the specific crop growth stages at that point in time. Results are displayed in an easy to understand color coded report allowing you to quickly assess the nutritional status of your crop. You can then adjust your fertilizer inputs to meet crop needs.

What is the significance of the threshold?

Plant nutrient levels change during a growing season. They have also changed through the years, making many of the established thresholds outdated and obsolete. We’ve spent the past three decades taking plant samples and measured where the average fields fall as well as the top producers. Our experience is reflected in the thresholds. We have performed thousands of samples for many crops over the past several years.

Plant Test Codes

Test IDDescriptionRetail
1151NO3-N PO4-P K$28.00
1155NO3-N PO4-P K Ca Mg S B Cu Fe Mn Zn Na Cl$65.00
1156* NO3-N PO4-P K Ca Mg S B Cu Fe Mn Zn Na Cl N P K$75.00
1160Grape Petiole/Leaf - N NO3-N P PO4-P K Ca Mg S B Cu Fe Mn Zn Na$90.00
1161* Grape Petiole/Leaf - N NO3-N P PO4-P K Ca Mg S B Cu Fe Mn Zn Na Cl$99.00
1162* Row Crop Petiole and Complete Leaf$85.00
1251N P K$44.00
1252N P K Zn$50.00
1253N P K Ca Mg S B Cu Fe Mn Zn Na$58.00
1254* N P K Ca Mg S B Cu Fe Mn Zn Na Cl$66.00
1306Almond Hull - Boron$25.00
* PAL Recommended Test Code
Prices Effective 1/1/24